carstensz pyramid expedition
since 1998

No Summiteers Country Summit Date Remark Photo
49 Mr. Kevin Karl Elliott Canada 27 July 2016 - Mr. Kevin Karl Elliott
50 Mr. Kim Myung Soo Korea, Republic of 27 July 2016 - Mr. Kim Myung Soo
51 Mr. Juha Tapani Puusti Finland 08 July 2016 The expedition was very professional work by Adventure Indonesia company and the staff. Arrangements in Bali and in Papua was excellent. Great guides, good food and hard work all time. We all get to the summit , timetable was good and we did not have to use extra days. Although the jungle trek was hard, we have good spirit all the time, thanks for Josh, Mesh and Abi! Great lifetime adventure, Thanks for that! Juha Puusti and Heikki Kallio from Finland Mr. Juha Tapani Puusti
52 Mr. Florent Olivier Vriesendorp Netherlands 08 July 2016 A big thanks to the entire Adventure Indonesia Team for providing a superb experience! Carstensz Pyramid has been one of the expeditions I've enjoyed the most and you guys made it possible. The Adventure Indonesia guides are among the best I have had, and I would definitely recommend your services for anyone considering to climb Carstensz. Mr. Florent Olivier Vriesendorp
53 Mr. Xingzheng Zhao China 08 July 2016 - Mr. Xingzheng Zhao
54 Mr. Gangaamaa Badamgarav Mongolia 08 July 2016 - Mr. Gangaamaa Badamgarav