carstensz pyramid expedition
since 1998

No Summiteers Country Summit Date Remark Photo
7 Mr. Seth Edward Timpano United States 10 May 2017 - Mr. Seth Edward Timpano
8 Ms. Alexandra Nemeth Hungary 19 March 2017 I am very grateful for Ferdinand, Carol, Meds, Poxy & Joshua and all the other members who helped us during the trip for a successful summit. The Carstensz Pyramid helicopter expedition is notoriously known for logistical issues however I didn't experience any of that which took a huge stress of my shoulders. Everything seemed to go smoothly and seemed like we had plan in place. Ms. Alexandra Nemeth
9 Mr. Janusz Mieczyslaw Kochanski Poland 19 March 2017 I was on expeditions with ADVENTURE INDONESIA twice, first time I went by the jungle and successful I reached on the summit and this time by helicopter and also I have reached on the summit. So I can tell that this company has very good service and experience for this expeditions, in my opinion is the best company. They have very good staff and guides. If you want to reach on the summit Carstensz Pyramid choose this company. I recommend this company. Mr. Janusz Mieczyslaw Kochanski
10 Mr. Kamil Jerzy Suchanski Poland 19 March 2017 - Mr. Kamil Jerzy Suchanski
11 Zhang Tingxi China 19 March 2017 - Zhang Tingxi
12 Zhang Liang China 19 March 2017 - Zhang Liang