carstensz pyramid expedition
since 1998

No Summiteers Country Summit Date Remark Photo
61 Mr. Juan Pablo Montejo Bonilla Colombia 29 April 2016 We just made the summit in Mt. Carstensz. First of all I want to thank you for everything. The logistic works very good, your guide were very good as well. We have great experience and everybody summits, the eight of us. Mr. Juan Pablo Montejo Bonilla
62 Mr. Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto Colombia 29 April 2016 Today, with the support of Adventure Indonesia - a company specializing in support hikes in Indonesia and especially in this mountains, that dream has been fulfilled. We have just finished the seventh summit. Carstensz was much harder than expected and the climb up the mountain rainforest is so rough that Nelson is now the only person with a prosthesis that has gone through the jungle and reached the top of Carstensz. Others have summited with prostheses, but none of them made the approach on foot, arriving by helicopter to the high camp at 4,200 meters instead. Nelson and the team started at 2000 meters and are, today, the first Colombian team to achieve the 7 Summits. Nelson is the first mountaineer witha prosthetic leg to complete the entire route of ascent on foot and achieves the 4884 m.s.n.m. Carstensz Summit. Thank You Adventure Indonesia. Mr. Juan Pablo Ruiz Soto
63 Mr. Nelson Cardona Carvajal Colombia 29 April 2016 With this summit, we are the first Colombian expedition to achieve the seven summits, in addition for me to be the first Latin American climber with a condition of disability to complete them. I feel very proud besides having reached the top of the Carstensz as the first person, according to Adventure Indonesia records, that has come in condition of disability having done the approximation to the mountain crossing for the Papuan's jungles. I am grateful for Adventure Indonesia for being part of this unforgettable experience for my life and of making dreams come true for many human beings. Mr. Nelson Cardona Carvajal
64 Mr. Jose Francisco Arata Italy 29 April 2016 - Mr. Jose Francisco Arata
65 Ms. Adriana Restrepo Torres Colombia 29 April 2016 - Ms. Adriana Restrepo Torres
66 Mr. Sergio Alberto Vargaz Paez Colombia 29 April 2016 - Mr. Sergio Alberto Vargaz Paez